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10 Can’t-Miss Restaurants in Springfield, VA

Posted By: Matt Watson

Springfield is known for many things, especially its incredible outdoor leisure activities like hiking and rowing. It’s also a great place for shopping, and surprisingly, it’s nightlife — and it’s jam-packed with some memorable and eclectic eateries that you really don’t want to miss out on while you’re here.

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Whether you’re just visiting or are living there, these are the restaurants in Springfield, VA. You won’t want to pass by these 10 incredible restaurants:

1. Marib Restaurant

If you’ve never tried Yemeni cuisine, you’re surely missing out. Marib Restaurant is tucked away inside the strip mall on Hechinger Drive, making it a hidden gem. Here you’ll find traditional hummus served with juicy chopped lamb, Bint al-sahn, and other mouthwatering Middle Eastern dishes you won’t believe are coming out of such a small place!

Address: 6981 Hechinger Dr, Springfield, VA 22151

Phone: (703) 376-3388

2. Eleni’s Greek Taverna

Who doesn’t love Greek food? Eleni’s Greek Taverna is relatively new to Springfield, but the family-owned and operated restaurant has made itself at home over the past five years serving up traditional Greek fare for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert in an appropriately Mediterranean-themed dining room. They also make some of the best Spanakopita you can get your hands on in the Springfield area!

Address: 6131 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: (703) 912-1400

3. Hot & Cold

While the name Hot & Cold is unassuming, the casual Peruvian dishes served up here in the Commerce Plaza are anything but. If you’re craving rib-sticking South American classics like lomo saltado, fried yucca, and braised pork, Hot & Cold is where you’ll want to make your next stop. The restaurant also plays around with a more modern take, such as its Peruvian cheesesteak. No matter what you order, you can expect good food you’ll want to take your time eating.

Address: 7032 Commerce St, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: (703) 866-7001

4. Mike’s American

If you’re craving old-school American food — think: 1950s throwbacks — you’ll find it at Mike’s American. The restaurant also offers regional seafood dishes and classic American cuisine like burgers and fries, and it’s all served up in a bi-level space decorated in baseball memorabilia. Some of their most amazing food includes their Indiana pork tenderloin and loaded baked potato

Address: 6210 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: (703) 644-7100

5. Bob & Edith’s Diner

Bob & Edith’s Diner is located in the Springfield Plaza, and there’s no other way to describe this place other than legendary. The diner is open around the clock, and they serve up all the American diner classics you can think of. Of course, Bob & Edith’s is most known for their breakfast platters, sub sandwiches, burgers, shakes, and desserts, but it’s a great spot with quality service and great food no matter when you go or what you order.

Address: 6316 Springfield Plaza, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: (703) 854-1401

6. Chuy’s

Chuy’s is a small Austin-based Tex-Mex restaurant that spread its wings towards the Washington D.C. area about five years ago. The restaurant is known specifically for serving “big as yo face” Tex-Mex dishes, including stacked enchiladas, sizzling fajitas, chicken flautas, and the restaurant’s own special “chuychangas”. You really can’t go wrong with Tex-Mex food, and with so many delicious options, Chuy’s is sure to become a personal favorite.

Address: 6793 Springfield Mall, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: (703) 971-7072

7. Thai Ghang Waan

Located in the Brookfield Plaza Shopping Center, Thai Ghang Waan is a traditional Thai restaurant that’s sure to get your taste buds hooked. The down-to-earth space is great for a casual meal or even a date night, and the entrees won’t disappoint. Take your pick from pad thai, green curry, pineapple fried rice, long-cooked broth with meats and noodles, crispy pork, and plenty more traditional Thai dishes. If you like your food spicy — really spicy — don’t forget to ask for a side of fiery red pepper sauce!

Address: 7056 Spring Garden Dr, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: (703) 866-6088

8. Afghan Bistro

If there’s one thing Northern Virginia is known for, it’s the eclectic mixture of cuisines from around the world in one centralized location. Afghan Bistro only opened its doors a few years ago, but the restaurant receives non-stop high praise for its traditional and modernized Afghan fare based on family recipes. Ask anyone who’s been there, and they won’t be able to stop raving about the restaurant’s bistro burger that’s seasoned with garlic, sumac, and paprika and served on a sweet brioche bun.

Address: 8081-D Alban Rd, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: (703) 337-4722

9. Maggiano’s Little Italy

No restaurant list would be complete without Italian food — and Maggiano’s Little Italy is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in all of Springfield, VA. Here you’ll find all the classics, including lasagna, spaghetti alla marinara, pizza, seafood dishes, and much more. The best part is that the majority of dishes here are served family-style — making it a place you’ll want to share!

Address: 6500 Springfield Mall, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: (703) 923-9309

10. El Paso Mexican Restaurant

When you want authentic and traditional Mexican food, there’s no other place to go but El Paso Mexican Restaurant. The upbeat cantina is dressed in vibrant and colorful decor, and everything from the tostadas to the tamales is made from scratch. Even the chorizo is homemade, and you can choose from the a la carte menu if you want to mix and match tacos or a regular entree — and that’s in addition to the delicious variety of margaritas they serve!

Address: 6804 Commerce St, Springfield, VA 22150

Phone: (703) 912-6166

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From kebabs to ahi poke nachos to cheese curds, you’ll never run out of traditional or inventive food here in Springfield. While the best time to visit your favorite spots or try out new ones is essentially any time, having roof work done is a pretty good excuse.

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